Went to see the excellent Vin Garbutt in Otley last night(Weds). My mum told me to go and see him in concert if I got the chance, and it was well worth it, he’s a brilliant live performer. He’s practically like a standup comedian in between songs, the audience were in stitches for most of it, but then the songs themselves were almost all quite serious. He only did two I knew: “Land of Three Rivers” was the opening number, “What’s the Use of Wings?” was the closing one. Alison quite enjoyed it too.

We both felt rather young though. Tends to be the case with folk music, there are a few young people there, then a twenty year age gap between us and the rest of the audience.


Just had sushi for lunch. There’s a sushi bar just opened up not far from work, so I nipped out and got a takeaway to eat in the office. Not tried it before, but it was quite nice. Still not a massive fan of seaweed, but the fish was lovely. Think I might be going there for lunch again.

Too much physical activity

I’m a computer geek, I’m not supposed to be doing all this exercise stuff.

Spent a fair bit of the weekend doing martial arts stuff. Had my first ever taijutsu grading on Saturday, which I managed to pass, so I’m now officially a white belt (you have to earn your white belt in this club, rather than getting it automatically when you join). Was also a kickboxing grading the previous weekend, am now white belt in that as well. They were both quite demanding. I found the kickboxing one to be far harder physically, as it was almost three hours long and involved a lot of continuous activity. The taijutsu one was far harder from a technical and mental point of view, as the techniques were more complicated and varied.
Class on Sunday was supposed to be kickboxing, but we did kung-fu instead, just to do something different for the last class before Christmas. Pretty interesting, never done that before. It’s quite different to what we normally do, is a Chinese art rather than Japanese, and relies on different skills.

Tonight, have just been climbing at Leeds Wall with Alison. Never done it before. Didn’t want to climb too high, but she made me go all the way to the top. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, but I managed to get up there, even if I was shaking like a leaf when I got my feet back on the ground. She was very patient with me, don’t think she’ll want to take me too often though. But I enjoyed it. Tried some bouldering afterwards, which I liked better (partly because it was closer to the ground). Wouldn’t mind doing that again, with proper climbing shoes. Don’t think I’ll ever make a mountaineer though.

Busy busy busy

I seem to be permanently busy at the moment. The week so far:

There was a vigil on Monday night organised by several trade justice groups in Leeds, as all the EU development ministers were in town for a meeting. I went along with the Speak group. Wasn’t much happening while I was there, although after I left some of the ministers came and spoke to the people at the vigil.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were taken up with martial arts practice. Weds was a groundfighting class, which was interesting as I’ve not done it before. It’s basically what its name suggests, fighting whilst on the ground. Was quite good fun.

Working late tonight, then got a load of different things I could be doing this weekend too.

The sooner they introduce ten-day-weeks, the better.


Holly pointed out that I haven’t updated this for ages.

Just been to the wedding of some friends (Phoenix and LittleTigger from the Ship) in Chesterfield. Had a great time. Caught up with a few people that I’ve not seen for a while. I even got dressed up in a suit and everything. Must be only about the fifth or sixth time I’ve worn a tie in ten years, I’m amazed I could remember how to tie it. The sevice went well, I liked the vows especially. They’d personalised them a bit, and read them straight off instead of repeating what the minister said. It was a nice little Baptist church, right opposite the football ground. As there was a home game on, they’d agreed with the police that we had to be inside the building by 1.30, and weren’t allowed out again until about 3.15!

Didn’t do anything too silly at the reception. A bit of dancing with Tom, where we probably raised a few eyebrows. We’ve been mistaken for a gay couple before now. Luckily his (seven months pregnant) wife doesn’t mind too much. Stayed over at Holly and Jono’s in Sheffield last night. Really enjoyed seeing them again. Love their house, it just makes me want one of my own.

All in all, a good day. Just a shame I couldn’t summon up the courage to ask one of the bridesmaids (who was single and rather attractive) for a dance in the ceilidh. Being shy is a pain sometimes.


They were in a pocket in an otherwise empty suitcase. Must have put them there when I moved house.

Now my room is a bigger mess than ever, as I’ve emptied all my bags and boxes whilst searching. Ah well, at least I’ve found them.


I have misplaced both my passport and birth certificate. This is somewhat worrying, especially as I need to send one or both of them off for CRB check purposes. Tomorrow. What have I done with them?

Turning the house upside down has so far unearthed three separate photocopies of my passport. This is not helpful.

It’s possible they’re in a box of papers and stuff under my desk at work, but if they’re not, I have no idea whatsoever.


I have broadband again. Probably doesn’t mean I’m going to post any more often, but it’s possible.

Just been to see the excellent Fairport Convention in concert. Brilliant, as usual.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a certain landmass I should be building.


Tom + Anne’s wedding was great. The service was lovely, everyone enjoyed themselves at the reception, was good fun. Great to see loads of friends from all over the place.

I’m told the speech was 10 minutes and 10 seconds exactly. Apparently one of the tables had a sweepstake going on how long I would talk for, and someone won £12 as a result. Glad to be of service.

Paul W