Ooo, it works

I couldn’t log into this last time I tried it a few months back. But it works now. How strange.

Just been to Greenbelt, was fantastic as usual. (And whenever I see Dave there it always makes me feel guilty that I haven’t updated this blog, so I do). Saw lots of lovely Shipmates, missed the communion service because I didn’t go to bed until 7 o’clock that morning, saw lots of other people I knew, had a front row seat for the spirit-filled worship of Rev Gerald Ambulance, heard some good talks from Shane Claiborne and John Bell, fabulous Taize worship service, and lots and lots of tea (and a few other beverages). Plus I got to see my godson again.

Really busy at work, plus trying to finish off my masters course, only a few weeks left. More comics on there now:

As usual, vague promises that I’ll update this more regularly, blah blah…