The serious side of comics

Reading through the latest edition of New Internationalist magazine ( but it’s not up on the site yet), there’s a 23 page feature (most of the magazine) about comics and how they can be used as a force of positive change. There’s a lot in there about using comics to educate people who may not be able to read too well, about issues such as health or better farming practice. Also some stuff on political cartooning, especially where it’s used to criticise corrupt dictators and the like.

It was a really interesting read, especially as I’m basing my MSc project on comics, and I’ve been thinking a bit about this sort of use for them. There’s a lot of potential for comics to be used not just as a form of entertainment, but for much more practical educational use, or to highlight issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. It’s a unique medium that can cut across social divides and convey a message on a very deep level.

Stuff to think about.