Ten things I want to do…

I posted this list on this journal exactly two years ago today. Let’s see how far I’ve got:

Ten things I want to do in the next five years:

1 Run the London Marathon – Nope, done a half marathon, but that’s it.
2 Make some money from writing – Nope
3 Take up martial arts – Done, have been doing Taijutsu for a year and a half
4 Learn at least the basics of another language – Not really, but just started trying to learn Spanish again
5 Make some money from drawing/painting – Nope
6 Brew my own beer – Nope, this should be the easy one as it just requires buying things and doing it
7 Visit at least three other countries – Been to the Netherlands and Malawi within the last two years, one to go
8 Pass a piano grade or two – Nope
9 Do some sort of Theological study – Nope
10 Win a prize in the Chester Zoo photography competition Done, second prize in the digital category for 2004

So two and two thirds out of ten. I’m a bit behind schedule. Three years to go.

(Smudgie and Jack, as regards your comments from over a month ago, she was, but unfortunately not anymore)