Ooo, shiny

Well, I still think I’m rather unlikely to update this, but thanks to Chris + Rhys for transferring it on the offchance that I do. Maybe if I can think of something useful to do with it…


I had a dream the other night, where I was about to convert to Anglicanism. And my mum wasn’t very happy about it (in the dream) so she was hurling abuse at the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, much to my embarrassment.

I’m sure there’s some kind of meaning in that, but I’ve no idea what.

Bwa ha ha

My guilt-prompt this time came from buying Dave’s book, The Dave Walker Guide to the Church, from Durham Cathedral bookshop (it’s very good (the book I mean, not the cathedral (although that was quite nice too))), thence reminding me that I never update this.

Not much happened since September really. Oh, I went to Canada for six months, but not much apart from that. Canada’s a cool place, especially Vancouver, I could live there quite happily. Although I have no immediate plans to do so. Now I’m back at work again (they gave me six months off 😀 ) and wondering what to save up for next.

Canada and US photos here

Regarding updates to this blog – I’m making no promises…

Ooo, it works

I couldn’t log into this last time I tried it a few months back. But it works now. How strange.

Just been to Greenbelt, was fantastic as usual. (And whenever I see Dave there it always makes me feel guilty that I haven’t updated this blog, so I do). Saw lots of lovely Shipmates, missed the communion service because I didn’t go to bed until 7 o’clock that morning, saw lots of other people I knew, had a front row seat for the spirit-filled worship of Rev Gerald Ambulance, heard some good talks from Shane Claiborne and John Bell, fabulous Taize worship service, and lots and lots of tea (and a few other beverages). Plus I got to see my godson again.

Really busy at work, plus trying to finish off my masters course, only a few weeks left. More comics on there now:

As usual, vague promises that I’ll update this more regularly, blah blah…

Weekend and office fun

Just been up to Stockton for my godson Matthew’s thanksgiving service. Was good, and he’s sooooo cute. I got to feed him again yesterday. Nearly three months old now.

The boss spends a fair bit of time at work playing online chess, which can be a bit annoying when he’s ignoring the phone because he’s halfway through a game. The other day I decided to wind him up about this. I scanned in a few of the signs we have outside the office, moved some letters around and printed off a new sign for him, with a different surname.

That’s a real unaltered photo. It was up all day friday and he didn’t notice. Will be interesting to see how long it takes him to see it, and what he’ll do when he does.

An actual comic

Progress is slow on my MSc project, but here’s a little stand-alone comic I’ve made to test out a navigation idea. It’s a click’n’drag thing, a bit like Google Maps. The action in the comic is reflected in the navigation.


Need to do so much more…

The serious side of comics

Reading through the latest edition of New Internationalist magazine ( but it’s not up on the site yet), there’s a 23 page feature (most of the magazine) about comics and how they can be used as a force of positive change. There’s a lot in there about using comics to educate people who may not be able to read too well, about issues such as health or better farming practice. Also some stuff on political cartooning, especially where it’s used to criticise corrupt dictators and the like.

It was a really interesting read, especially as I’m basing my MSc project on comics, and I’ve been thinking a bit about this sort of use for them. There’s a lot of potential for comics to be used not just as a form of entertainment, but for much more practical educational use, or to highlight issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. It’s a unique medium that can cut across social divides and convey a message on a very deep level.

Stuff to think about.

Ten things I want to do…

I posted this list on this journal exactly two years ago today. Let’s see how far I’ve got:

Ten things I want to do in the next five years:

1 Run the London Marathon – Nope, done a half marathon, but that’s it.
2 Make some money from writing – Nope
3 Take up martial arts – Done, have been doing Taijutsu for a year and a half
4 Learn at least the basics of another language – Not really, but just started trying to learn Spanish again
5 Make some money from drawing/painting – Nope
6 Brew my own beer – Nope, this should be the easy one as it just requires buying things and doing it
7 Visit at least three other countries – Been to the Netherlands and Malawi within the last two years, one to go
8 Pass a piano grade or two – Nope
9 Do some sort of Theological study – Nope
10 Win a prize in the Chester Zoo photography competition Done, second prize in the digital category for 2004

So two and two thirds out of ten. I’m a bit behind schedule. Three years to go.

(Smudgie and Jack, as regards your comments from over a month ago, she was, but unfortunately not anymore)

Happy 2006 and all that

Had a fairly quiet Christmas and New Year. Not seen Alison much as she’s been in the Alps for Christmas and Norway for New Year. She’s due back tomorrow.

Had a very productive week. I must have done more work on my MSc project in the last few days than in the previous six months. The site for it is now up and running:

There’s not much on there yet, other than a DHTML scrollable panorama that I’ve spent half this week on. It’s kinda inspired by Google Maps but it’s not quite there (yet) because it pulls all the images from the server in one go rather than when they are needed. Once my copy of Ajax in Action turns up from Amazon, I’ll look at that sort of thing.

Now I just need to get on with making some actual comics.

Pogue Mahone

Fairly busy weekend, went to Manchester on Saturday with Alison, to see my parents and brother. Went to the Pogues gig at M.E.N. Arena in the evening. It was excellent. To finish with (2nd encore) they did Fairytale of New York (which is one of my favourite songs) followed by Fiesta. Shane MacGowan was on great form, even if he did remind me a bit of Ozzy Osbourne.

Off to Alison’s parents for Christmas dinner tonight, since she’ll be away for Christmas itself.

And yes, I’m still alive and kicking!